Sunday, August 28, 2011

Maddison and Harry Potter

  Harry backed away from the voice, and peered harder, squinting. Then, someone flicked on a light and he heard four gasps, one his own.
  She was like something from a dream, vividly beautiful. Her dark reddish-brown hair shined and hung down right at the bottom of her ribs. It waved and curled, fluid. Her body was perfect, slender and tan, the color a shade darker then honey. Her eyes-framed with thick, dark lashes-were the most peculiar shade of hazel, flecked with the same color green as Harry's. There was something about her that looked like....well, him.
It was visible in her long, thin legs. They had the same knees. And the same shape of eyes, almost an almond shape. They also had exactly the same hands. They were like looking in a mirror. Harry heard Dudley blubber. He almost grinned. Something bout this girl, radiated kindness and care. It was impossible to feel anything but safe with her. She beamed at him, her dark ruby lips curling into a smile. He smiled back, hesitantly.
  "You look just like him." She purred, her eyes feasting on his face hungirly. He cleared his throat,"Um, who?" Hey eyes turned sad, and something in him whispered, No, you want to make this girl happy. Her voice turned soft,"Your father." He froze, not expecting that answer at all. "Excuse me, you know my father?" She smiled, a small thing. Behind him, Vernon gasped.
"No. Not you. I thought you were dead."
Harry had the urge to throttle him. The girl looked at him, and glared so ferociously that her eyes-or maybe he was imagining this-flashed black. Or, at the very least, darker. Vernon quailed. Harry frowned,"What? You know her?" Aunt Petunia spoke up, her squeaky voice angry,"Of course we do. The second we heard her damn name, we knew she'd be just like her mother, a freak." The stranger made a sound, like a growl. She snarled, and her eyes definitley flashed black. "Don't you dare call our mother a freak." Harry snapped his head towards her. "'Our?'" She kept her eyes on Aunt Petunias cowering form for a moment, then tore her eyes away. The gaze she had for Harry was much softer, much kinder. "Yes, Harry. Our. James and Lily."
  Harry stared, not blinking for a while. When he finally did, he shook his head,"No. Sorry. I don't have a sister." She paused, and blinked, looking a little astonished,"Of course you do. You've never seen your parents, but Ill show you my pictures. Then you'll belive me." Harry still didn't move, then the realization that this could be true came crashing down on his head, making him stagger. He whilerd on his uncle and aunt, who were crowding in the corner, hiding their son. "I have a sister?! And you never told me!" Uncle Vernon turned an angry color of puce, then squinted his eyes nastily,"Don't you talk to me like that boy. You, and your demonic little sister there, were bound to be just like your freaky little parents." The stranger shrieked,"DON'T CALL THEM FREAKY!" And her eyes flashed a solid onyx. Her face flushed, and she took a deep, ragged breath. She glared at them, and said in a dangerously soft voice,"You don't want my anger to go unchecked, Dursley."
  Aunt Petunia paid no heed, her dark little eyes flashing. Harry eyed the girl warily, taking her warning to heart,"Why...Why are they calling them freaky?" She flashed her eyes to him, returning their natural gorgeous color. "Because they don't like our kind, Harry. Your kind. My kind. Our parents kind. My names Maddison." He blinked,"They're 'kind?'" Maddison frowned, then rubbed her neck,"Look,I didn't expect to be the one to tell you this. Theres a man, the headmaster of the school your going to-" Harry inturrupted her,"The school Im going to?" Maddison grinned and nodded, her hair bouncing,"Oh it's wonderful. Its called Hogwarts school of Witch-"
  Vernon stepped up,"STOP RIGHT THERE, YOUNG LADY!" Harry expected another snarl from Maddison, but instead Vernon got a laugh. Maddison  threw her head back and laughed, a delicious sound. When she stopped, there was a sinful look in her eye,"Young lady? I could kill you ,both my hands strapped behind my back, Muggle." The Dursleys all backed into their corner, and cowered. Maddison looked at Harry,"As I was saying. Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry." Harry frowned at her absently, not answering. She smiled half-heartedly,"I'm not crazy, I swear. Your a wizard, Harry. And a great one at that, our parents were amazing. Im a witch. I can do magic." Harry shook his head, and she smiled wanly. The next second, she pulled out a long, wooden object. It was almost like a branch, but straight and sleek. She whirled it around, and Harry heard a scream. He whirled around to see Aunt Petunia clutching at her mouth, with teeth like a horse.
  Harry looked back at Maddison, and she winked at him. He grinned, and watched the Dursleys scream and run out of the house, slamming the door behind them. Maddison rolled her eyes, and grinned at Harry. She held her arm out. "Ready for some fun?" Harry looked around, then nodded. He gripped Maddison's arm, and everything went black.
    When Harry blinked, they were in a peculiar little room. But before he had a chance to look around, all the air rushed into his lungs and he staggered. Maddison shrugged and said,"It's a feeling you'll get used to." Harry doubled over, but raised his head, panting wildly. He looked around. It looked like an office, for there was a polished wooden desk and a huge chair behind it, the kind a very significant person would sit in. There were silver little instruments all around the room. But Harry ignored all this and gaped at the portraits that framed the walls, all of different people. But the people were.....moving! A couple peered interestedly at him, one pretended to be asleep, and a couple said,"Oh, good. You found him." Maddison leaned against the desk like this was all old news to her. She was watching him closely, as if nervous for his judgement. He edged closer to the portraits, his jaw agape.
    "Where....where are we?"
    Maddison grinned crookedly at him, a smile that probrably would have made any other human's heart pound. But Harry oddly felt no emotion towards this girl, except maybe...a familiarity. Or something like that. She spoke,"This is where I live. Its a school, called Hogwarts." Harry blinked. His head swirled, as the faintest of acceptance stirred in his head that this might be real. She grabbed his hand and he briefly expected them to disappear again. But they didn't, and she pulled him out of the door and onto a stone stairways.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Maddison Potter

   "Did he reply yet? Are you really sure he got it?" These had been only part of the questions Maddison Potter had been asking for the past week, non-stop. She figured someone would get annoyed sooner or later, but everyone just seemed amused she was so eager. She ran a caramel colored hand through her messy, so-dark-brown-it-was-almost-red hair absently, pacing around the small office layered with portraits of moving men and woman. The elderly man sitting patiently in front of her smiled wanly,"My dear Maddison, give him time. Those muggles he live with are not known for their love of our kind." Maddison scowled, and the mans hair shook as he laughed, the silvery hair fluidly shimmery. But while she paced impatiently, Harry Potter laid in his small dark cupboard staring at a spider on the wall.
  Harry Potter lived with his uncle and aunt, and their chubby blonde son Dudley. He could hear Vernon Dursley's rumbling chortle through the the slots on his door, and scowled into the pillow he was holding. The Dursley's were very normal, very rude, very unkind people. And they liked it that way. Two thirds of them were chubby, round, and beefy. Aunt Petunia, on the other hand, was thin, boney, and had a very long neck. Mostly used for craning through windows and over garden fence's, spying and digging for gossip. Harry looked nothing like that, and he very much appreciated that. He had a thin, long, pale face that looked ghostly under his shock of black messy black hair. He was skinny, and tall.
  He groaned softly, rolled onto his side, and pulled himself out of bed. If it hadn't been for his rumbling stomach, he wouldn't have bothered. But, he hadn't eaten for a whole day and 3 hours, and he was reaching his breaking point. He pushed the door open softly, not wanting anyone to know he was out. He knotted his hands together, crept to the fridge, and looked around. No one in sight. He slowly opened the fridge, carefully muting the woosh of sound it made. He grabbed the first thing he saw, and darted out of the kitchen. Grinning, he sat on his bed, examining his prize. He had grabbed a cold sausage, and bit into it hungrily, ignoring the chill. After he ate, he sighed, not satisfied. He laid down on his bed, and folded his arms behind his head.
  Two more days, he thought to himself. Two more days until he left his old Elementary school, the school that Dudley also went to. He had no one at that school, for everyone knew that Dudley's gang hated that weird, rugged Harry Potter. And no one disagreed with Dudley's gang. He did have one good thing, though. Tommorow, would be his 11th birthday. No one had ever really noticed his birthdays, but still; It wasn't every day you turned 11.
  Maddison grinned, "Im going to get him tommorow." Fred and George Weasley- two identical, red haired, freckled, and astonishingly tall boys- grinned back, a mischievious glint in their eyes that Maddison had come to love.
"What are you going to do?"
Maddison winked,"Now, I'm going to be a perfectly mannered young lady."
George's grin widened,"Like always?"
"Like always."
   Harry opened his eyes, his lids heavy with crust from the night. He glanced at the rubbishy clock on his drawer, and blinked. It was 6:00 am. He was 11. He smiled, and breathed,"Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to m-" CRACK.  He leaped up from his bed, and banged his head on the low ceiling. He rubbed it anxiously, and peeked out the door. It was pitch black dark, and his eyes hadn't adjusted. So he stayed there, blinking rapidly. Then he heard a trilling, velvety voice murmur,"Could of done that better." His heart thumped, never faced with the fate of robbers or cruiminals. He heard pounding on the stairs, the tell-tale sign of Uncle Vernon roaring down the stairs. Harry stepped out his cupboard, whipping his head around nervously, searching for the culprit of the noise and voice. Then his eyes adjusted, and he heard a sweet sigh.
"Hello, Harry."